Strivion Jacobs Designs


At StrivionJacobsDesigns, we cater to individuals who want to create loud, lasting impressions.  We specialise in statement pieces, pieces that are designed to grab attention, and keep it!  If you walk into a room wearing one of our pieces, then we absolutely guarantee it’ll start conversations.

Each piece is handmade in house with meticulous scrutiny and attention to detail. The precious metals and stones selected by StrivionJacobsDesigns are guaranteed to be of the best quality, ethically sourced.

Our Mission

People can buy jewellery anywhere.   If they want just a ring, they can get it anywhere,  why would they get it from us?  The key here isn't to provide something a client could get anywhere else,  or to produce products that the market is already saturated with,  it's to make a difference.   People who come to us want to stand out,  they want to be seen,  to make a statement.   That's what we do,  we help people stand out.   What our customers wear has a voice of it's own, and sometimes that voice says more than they're able.